WACS PWM Speed Controller 230 1-Basic 8.5
WACS PWM Speed Controller 230 1-Basic 8.5
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Single phase input, Single Phase Output, 230v, Maximum pump rating 1.1kw

The PWM 1-Basic series are the industry leading inverters for single phase pumps (230v in/out). Inverters, or speed controllers, are designed to economically control the speed of a pumps motor whilst maintaining a constant pressure for the required application. When the flow increases the pump will speed up accordingly, hence it's use of power is kept at a minimum - This can lead to considerable cost savings over the life of the pump, especially in environments where stop/starts are frequent.

They are compact and relatively very easy to install, especially when comapred to alternative systems which require 'sampling' points for sensors to be included in the pipework. The PWM controller has all it's sensors located within it's housing, which is designed to fix directly onto the output side of the pump.

PWM can work with any kind of pump: multi stage / single stage pump, surface or submersible pump. The box is supplied pre-wired, ready for use.

All PWM speed controllers are fully user configurable, and feature dry running, over current and over temperature cut-outs.
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