Dab Booster Set 1k/2k/3k - Twin Impeller
Dab Booster Set 1k/2k/3k - Twin Impeller
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Water lifting sets suitable for civil installations: condominiums, hotels, tourist facilities and industrial uses. The twin-impeller centrifugal pumps used ensure constant water flow when a high power-pressure ratio is required. They have a sturdy construction and compact dimensions, with good yield and very quiet running.

  • 1-2-3 horizontal twin-impeller centrifugal electropumps
  • Pump support bracket in tropicalized galvanized sheet steel complete with 4 anti-vibration rubber feet
  • 1 ball valve with union and 1 non return valve on suction
  • Threaded delivery manifold in tropicalized galvanized steel with female cap in tropicalized galvanized cast iron
  • Ball valve with union on delivery
  • Anti-vibration flexible pipe for connection to the delivery pipe
  • Radial pressure gauge with interception valve
  • Movable galvanized steel support for the electric control panel
  • Membraned pressure vessels

    Direct starting for single motor inputs up to 11 kW inclusive. Star-Delta starting for 5.5 kW single motor inputs. IP 55 sheet steel cabinet with lever closing system and lock. Door lock switch, remote motor protector with overload relay and pump fuses, low voltage auxiliary circuit (24V) for remote motor protector control, adjustable delayed pump stopping timer (additional running), starting order swapping system for 2-3 pump units. Automatic (by pressure switches on delivery manifold) or Manual pump mode switches. Terminal board fitted for minimum pressure switch, float switch preventing the pump from working without water and remote starting.

    Pre-calibrated pump control pressure switches installed on delivery manifold. The pressure switches use the remote motor protector to invert the pumps in a cascade sequence.

    The units are also available with the KV 3 - KV 6 pilot pump complete with valves and connected to the suction and delivery manifolds. Pilot pump command and protection circuit inside the main pump electrical power panel for units 1-2 K. Separate electric power panel for units 3 K. WEEKLY TEST (to be requested when ordering - it cannot be added later)

    Boosters are available also with weekly test system, including an programmable timer, an acoustic alarm, an electrovalve placed on delivery manifold, an emergency push button, a minimum pressure switch. At the the end of the test, should there be any pumps failure, the acoustic alarm is activated. If these boosters are used for fire fighting system , we recommend to use weekly test. The sets are supplied complete with sturdy cardboard packing on a wooden pallet, with instructions leaflet and wiring diagram.
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