Dab KDN System with Diesel Pump Backup
Dab KDN System with Diesel Pump Backup
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UNI 9490 - 10779 compliant booster units for automatic fire-fighting systems. The standard version comprises a diesel pump that can be coupled with one standardised electric pump, together with a compensation pump, if required JET.

The pilot pump (if fitted) starts whenever there is a pressure drop in the system. If this is insufficient to recover pressure, the primary electric pump starts (if the unit comprises an electric pump and a diesel pump). A continuously charged battery and fuel tank ensure the diesel pump starts and operates in case of a power failure.

  • Galvanised steel base for diesel pump, fitted with vibration-damping feet.
  • Direct injection diesel engine allowing overloading up to 10% (UNI 9490 connected with a flexible coupling to the standardised pump. The fuel tank is large enough to guarantee 6 hours of operation.
  • Standardised primary pump base and pilot pump.
  • Separate suction lines for each pump, complete with vacuum pressure gauge.
  • Inspectable check valves, delivery shut-off valves and pressure gauges.

    (*)Galvanised steel delivery manifolds with starting pressure switches and expansion tank. (*)The two manifolds of the diesel pump assembly and the electric pump assembly can be joined together with a single manifold supplied with the unit.

    Electrical part:
  • Control panel for diesel pump with control unit, line isolator, voltmeters and ammeters, rev counter, hour counter, 2 battery changers for the two starting batteries 12, AUT-0-MAN selector, STOP button.
  • Control panel for primary electric pump, complete with line isolator, starters (direct up to 7.5 kW - star-delta over 7.5 kW), voltmeter, ammeter, AUT-0-MAN selector, STOP button. Connector for weekly test unit (only for the electric pump).
  • Control panel for pilot pump with overload cut-out, line isolator and AUT-0-MAN selector.

    * Horizontal standardised centrifuge pump mod. KDN... built to IN-EN 733 and flanged to DIN 2533. Cast iron pump body and impeller, stainless steel pump shaft, carbon-silica carbon mechanical seal.

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