Dab DKMLE/DKLPE Series Constant Differential Pressure Pump
Dab DKMLE/DKLPE Series Constant Differential Pressure Pump
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Circulation pump for hot or cold water with in-line connectors, particularly versatile thanks to the use of the HYDRODRIVER, it offers performance features that automatically adapt to the various system requirements whilst keeping differential pressures constant. Pump body and motor support in cast iron. Technopolymer impeller. Mechanical seal in carbon/ceramic. The pumps are available in the single version (KLME-KLPE) and in the twin version (DKLME-DKLPE). In the twin version, a clapet valve is incorporated in the suction connection to prevent water from recirculating while the unit is not operating. A blind flange is also supplied standard if one of the two motors needs servicing. The twin version allows pump operation to be alternated if a back-up unit or simultaneous operation of the two pumps is required. Closed, asynchronous motor with external ventilation, four poles for DKLME and two poles for DKLPE. Built to IEC 2-3 standards

The HYDRODRIVER uses an integrated microprocessor that can work with the recent IGBT technology which offers higher levels of reliability and flexibility. The high frequency impulse width modulation procedure makes the motor work very silently, ensuring elevated starting torque with a current increase programmed and calibrated by the maker. The device also guarantees gradual acceleration and deceleration ramps (softstart) thereby preventing hammering effects. It protects the motor it is mounted on with numerous protection systems against overloads, missing phases, overvoltage and undervoltage with a 5-try automatic reset feature.

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