Dab BPH-E / DPH-E Electronic Circulators
Dab BPH-E / DPH-E Electronic Circulators
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DIALOGUE electronic circulation pumps can be used in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of apartment and office blocks such as:

  • High-rise apartments - Apartment blocks
  • Houses - Clinics and hospitals
  • Schools - Buildings adapted for offices
  • Properties

  • All models are available both in the single version as well as in the back-up twin version

    The BPH-E and DPH-E DIALOGUE circulators incorporate an electronic controller offering adjustment at constant pressure, adjustment at proportional pressure (constant flow, therefore) and constant curve and differential pressure operation according to the temperature of the pumped liquid.The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

    For greater efficiency and strength, the circulators are controlled by a IGBT based device with the latest NPT technology. The specific characteristics are as follows:
  • Sinusoidal PWM modulation
  • High carrier frequency to eliminate any audio band noise
  • 32 bit dedicated DPS processor
  • “space vector” optimized algorithm

    Setting has been made user friendly thanks to an intuitive and functional user interface. The simplified backlit display on the control panel, with three simple navigation keys, a pull-down menu in line with the latest mobile phone trends, and a wide range of functions make the BPH-E circulator a revolutionary product. A reliable a sturdy construction combined to the modern and innovative design completes the product even from an aesthetical point of view.

    Enbloc circulation pump made up of cast iron hydraulic parts and an electric asynchronous motor with wet rotor. Aluminium motor casing. High performance volute pump casing thanks to the detailed design and smooth internal surfaces. In-line suction and delivery ports, flanged with threaded connectors for the introduction of the temperature and pressure sockets. Technopolymer rotor, hardened stainless steel motor shaft mounted on graphite bushings that are lubricated by the pumped liquid. Stainless steel rotor and stator liner. Ceramic thrust washer, ethylene propylene grommet and brass air vent cap. Two pole asynchronous motor.

    An automatic type clapet valve is foreseen on the back-up twin version that is incorporated into the delivery port to prevent the circulation of water when the unit is idle. Furthermore, a blank flange is also supplied if one of the two motors requires maintenance. The standard PN10 production of the pump casing is compatible with PN6 counterflanges for the interchangeability of the pump on existing systems. The DN 80 PN 16 version (eight holes) can be supplied on request.

    Other Features
  • Circulator protection class: IP 44 Insulation class: H
  • Standard voltage: 230V, 50/60 Hz single-phase
  • The product complies with the EN61800-3 -EN 60335-1 - EN60335-2-51

  • Operating range: from 11,8 to 72 m3/h with head up to 18 metres;
  • Liquid temperature range: from –10 °C to +120 °C
  • Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solids, not viscous, not aggressive and close to the characteristics of water. (glicole max 30%).
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar (1000 kPa)
  • Flanging: DN 40, DN 50, DN 65, PN 10 (4 holes), DN 80 in PN 6 / 10 (4 holes)
  • Minimum head pressure: see tables.
  • Special versions on request: Flanging - DN 80 in PN 10 / PN 16 (8 holes)
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