Feka 2500/3000/4000/6000 Series Cesspool Pumps
Feka 2500/3000/4000/6000 Series Cesspool Pumps
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Motor-driven submersible pumps in cast iron with vortex backflowing impeller for sewage. Suitable for lifting or transferring sewage water from septic tanks, waste water in general containing solid bodies of different sizes (see table). Pump body, motor casing, aspirator cover and impeller in high resistant cast iron. Double mechanical seal and inspectionable oil seal chamber Supply vent: Ø 65 mm for Feka 2500-2700, Ø 80 mm for Feka 3000-3500-3700, 100 mm for Feka 4000-4125-4150-4200. The pumps are supplied with a threaded counterflange. Bronze grommet with protective sheath. Stainless steel screws.

Operating range: from 7 to 140 m3/h in continuous duty (with head up to 162 m3/h on intermittent function) with head up to 40 m

Available also with lifting dispositive: FEKA 2500 2” 1/2, FEKA 3000 3”, FEKA 4000 4”, FEKA 6000 6”

Other Features
  • Liquid temperature range: from 0°C to +55°C.
  • Liquid quality requirements: waste water, water in general containing solid bodies (view free passage in dimensions table), ground water, rain water, clean and black waste water, river or lake water, always non aggressive.
  • Maximum immersion depth: 10 metres.
  • Protection level: IP 68
  • Insulation class: F

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