WaterController Inc AquaGate
WaterController Inc AquaGate
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The Aquagate is a leak controller designed to handle whole house or commercial appliances, featuring a state of the art controller, accurate and reliable sensor technology, and a 1" instant shut-off electronically operated solenoid valve.

In domestic environments and indeed, factories, office buildings and what not, the point where water enters the building can often be your weak spot - You may have various branches and connectors taking pipework around the building, you may have devices such as dechlorinators and water softeners, and its not uncommon for the boiler to be situated in the vicinity either. As such, smaller leak controllers which work with 1/4" pipe are not really suitable, since if a fault occurs at this point you are talking about a considerably high volume of water leaking at what is likely to be a very high pressure.

The Aquagate is battery powered and features a flood detection alarm, and a battery failing alarm to ensure continued protection. The unit also has an advanced RISC microprocessor controller, which as well as monitoring the sensors and the state of the batteries, also performs routine testing on the valve to ensure it is kept working, thereby eliminating 'sticking'.

Suitable for whole house/building applications, or direct connection to large industrial equipment such as high flow UV, Softeners and Reverse Osmosis plant.
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