Waterblock Leak Detector
Waterblock Leak Detector
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The Waterblock Device a simple non-electrical component, which is designed to prevent floods from appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, water filters, US fridge freezers and other similar appliances.

It works by measuring the amount of water passing through it in one 'cycle'. If we take a washing machine as the example, when the rinse cycle commences the Waterblock starts to monitor the amount of water being drawn - If this level of water exceeds that which has been set on the device itself, then the device assumes something has gone wrong and cuts off the water supply. Once the appliance stops it's demand for water, the Waterblock resets itself, ready to monitor the next call for output.

The Waterblock can be configured very easily, and is adjustable between 2 and 20 gallons in any one burst of water. Obviously configuring the device requires a little thought since you need to calculate the 'maximum single draw' of the downstream appliance.

The Waterblock also ignores any water being drawn at less than 0.5 litres per minute. Therefore it is not suitable for appliances with very low water usage, and minor leaks under this rate will not trigger the device to shut off. It's therefore ideal for larger appliances which draw regular but fairly consistent calls for water.

The other point to note with the Waterblock is in the event of a leak it will obviously allow the preset limit of water to escape before it triggers. This means in the event of a burst pipe downstream, you will expect to have flood water totalling the draw limit you have set on the waterblock (i.e. if you set it to 4 gallons, then 4 gallons of water will leak before it cuts off).

The Waterblock is a functional leak prevention device, which is easy to install (3/4" in/out) and very economically priced.
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