Promax 1-4040-300  (300l per hour)
Promax 1-4040-300 (300l per hour)
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The Pozzani PROMAX Series of Reverse Osmosis systems offer some ground breaking advances in RO system design. Using the latest thin film composite (TFC) membrane technology - extra low pressure membranes produce deionised water very efficiently resulting in minimum power usage and surprisingly low running costs - with recovery rates between 55 and 70%.

Reverse Osmosis is used in a wide variety of industrial applications ranging from production environments, where de-ionised water is sometimes necessary for either a manufacturing procedure or to ensure longevity of the equipment being used, to producing drinking water free from impurities, for example in areas where water is high in limescale or is fluoridated. We have supplied these systems for installation in mission critical environments, and the reliability of these modules has proven itself time over.

All Promax units come with integrated pre-filtration by way of big-blue housings, which are balanced to ensure that as much chlorine as possible is removed from the feed water, thereby protecting the membranes from unnecessary damage. In hard water environments it is heavily recommended a water softener is installed to prevent premature membrane failure due to fouling, which we can supply and fit as part of the installation.

Common Rail Design
The compact design of the 'common rail' frame and control panel has allowed us to create a wide variety of machines with varying capacities and capabilities at very favourable prices. Essentially all of our RO models are based on one or more of these frames which are designed to interlock, and with integrated castors mean the unit can be quickly manouvered in and out of position when maintenance of the pre-filters is necessary.

The Promax Series is available in either the BC or the FC variants. The BC model features an integrated controller with inline-TDS meter which can monitor the output quality produced, along with a basic pre-set automatic flush. The FC model is a much more advanced controller, featuring a full digital display and online diagnostics, which can show the input water quality, output water quality, percentage rejection and current temperature. It also permits variable automatic flushing, with full control system.

Free planning and design service
Due to the nature of these systems there is likely to be some variation of the specification and configuration depending on the needs of the client. ALL systems can be tailored to suit your needs, and our in-house design team are happy to assist in technical drawings or installation recommendations in line with your specific requirements.
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