Pozzani SRO300 Compact Reverse Osmosis System
Pozzani SRO300 Compact Reverse Osmosis System
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The SRO300 is one of our most popular reverse osmosis systems, offering a daily production capacity of around 700 litres per day at an unbelievably economic price.

Unlike many 'budget' high capacity systems, our SRO300 features an integral booster pump, an inline computer controller for monitoring the TDS and automatic membrane flushing (including TDS alarm to alert if the system malfunctions), and its all been mounted into a compact tubular steel frame which is easy to transport - Not clumsily mounted on MDF backing boards like many others.

The SRO300 series is popular with the window cleaning market, where virtually pure water is now becoming the preferred solution for cleaning windows, eliminating streaking and enabling above ground floor windows to be cleaned using 'pole fed' systems. The unit is 24v and can be kept in a shed or garage and used to fill a suitable container, or for the truly portable solution mounted within a vehicle and coupled up to any nearby water source with quick fit hoses (taking the power from the vehicle using a suitable inverter).

Other popular uses of this system include the steam oven market, where people are turning away from high maintenance ion-exchange filters (usually with exceptional running costs to match) to reverse osmosis, which is capable of providing superior product water, at far less cost, and more reliably in terms of consistency. The SRO300 is also ideal for fish-keepers, aquariums and similar, especially in marine tank environments which require precision water balance.
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