Aquada 7 Ultra Violet System (116l per minute)
Aquada 7 Ultra Violet System (116l per minute)
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The Aquada 7 Ultra Violet System is one of the large flow rate models in this range manufactured by Wedeco, offering efficient sterilisation at flow rates of approximately 116.5 litres per minute.

The Aquada 7 is typically used for light commercial or industrial work, or for supplying drinking water to large buildings such as offices or small factories. It is a robust and reliable unit, manufactured in Europe (Germany), with readily available, and competitviely priced spares (such as bulbs and sleeves) to hand - ensuring that should there be a maintenance requirement your downtime is kept to the minimum.

WEDECO has installed more than 200,000 systems worldwide and has over 25 years of experience in technical expertise in the field of ultraviolet and ozone technology. Committed, highly qualified experts in the research & development, production, sales, commercial and technical operations and customer service departments all contribute to the company's success.... Read more about Wedeco AG

All Aquada systems are available with a choice of three control options, Altima, Proxima and Maxima. Altima models are the cheapest models available, offering a visual indicator only in terms of lamp failure. Proxima models offer a lamp failure alarm as well as annual lamp change reminder. Maxima are similar to the Proxima, however, these systems also measure UV intensity and have a relay which can be used to operate a solenoid valve should the system appear to be malfunctioning.

Typically for lower volume and 'less-critical' applications, such as fishkeeping, the Altima model is more than sufficient. For domestic installations and light industrial usage, most people choose the Proxima, since it is imperitive in such environments that you are alerted to lamp failure. For production environments, especially those in the food/catering industry, the Maxima system features all the necessary safety features to ensure that water quality is consistent.
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