Wedeco A Series A-15 Ultra Violet System (266l per minute)
Wedeco A Series A-15 Ultra Violet System (266l per minute)
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The Wedeco A-Series UV systems are single bulb RO systems designed for low to medium flow rate applications and are particularly suited to circulatory mechanisms and legionella prevention. The A-15 Model is capable of processing 266 litres per minute (16 cubic metres/hr).

Pozzani recommend the A-Series of UV Filters for simple applications requiring low to medium flow rates. Operating using only a single bulb these units are very eeconomical in terms of total cost of ownership - with a replacement bulb and quartz sleeve being due for replacement at annual intervals (bulb+sleeve+seals approx £150+VAT). Power consumption is also efficient with the A-series models ranging from about 2kw to 4kw consumption per day.

This range is ideal for treating drinking water in larger buildings (such as office blocks, factories), small production equipment (i.e. bottle washing etc), and because of the Spektrotherm bulb technology they are also ideal for warm water applications - meaning they can be used for treating legionella in warm water circuits (such as those used to feed showers in gymnasiums etc).

Providing 400j/m2 of UV intensity (complying with UK standards for UV disinfection) these units all feature:
  • UV intensity montoring
  • Lamp failiure alarms
  • Volt-free relays (for external alarms)

    These systems ensure the bulb is working, the amount of UV light emitted is sufficient for the purpose, and, in the rare event of a fault, will warn you accordingly.
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